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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Update from the Front Lines: Return Date Confirmed

Well, my brother-in-law is set to return from Iraq/Afghanistan/Qatar (wherever he is!) on October 14th. We're anxiously anticipating his return...Every night when my 3 year old son goes to bed, we all pray for his safety and the safety of all of our soldiers serving this great country. I know that my son desperately misses his uncle and can't wait for him to be back.

Here's a recent dispatch from his trip to Afghanistan. (Click on each of the pics to see a larger version)

Not much to tell about my trip. I flew in to Kandahar airport and stayed there for a day training and briefing their medical staff. Then I took a Chinook to Kabul for the same thing. The Chinook is a twin rotar helo design for troop or heavy loads. Pretty cool ride because the back stayed open the entire flight. Had to ride C-130 the rest of the way to Bagram Air Base which is close to Kandahar. From there I rode out back to Qatar. Things were pretty hectic, so I slept mostly on the plane rides. I got some good pictures from the tower where one of the doctors says he spends most of his down time. The Mountains in Afghanistan were beautiful.
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Mountains of Afghanistan

Small Farms


Kandahar International Airport

An Afghani Market

Australians thinking of home