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Monday, September 19, 2005

Still with the buses!!!

H/T to the cr@ppy website, Raw Story.

It seems that Blanco really isn't that smart. Of course, Mary Landreiuauxouux didn't look to bright as she tried to deflect the issue of the submerged buses, either. But it's now been 3 weeks since the event and Blanco still doesn't have a clue.

Blanco says feds pledged buses
Capitol news bureau

Nearly three weeks after Hurricane Katrina raged ashore, Gov. Kathleen Blanco still wants one question answered.

Where were the buses?

Hours after the hurricane hit Aug. 29, the Federal Emergency Management Agency announced a plan to send 500 commercial buses into New Orleans to rescue thousands of people left stranded on highways, overpasses and in shelters, hospitals and homes.

On the day of the storm, or perhaps the day after, FEMA turned down the state's suggestion to use school buses because they are not air conditioned, Blanco said Friday in an interview.

Even after levees broke and residents were crowding the Louisiana Superdome, then-FEMA Director Mike Brown was bent on using his own buses to evacuate New Orleans, Blanco said.

During the delay, misery and mayhem mounted in the Dome, thousands gathered in desperation at the nearby convention center, and Americans watched in shock as dead and dying New Orleans residents were broadcast on national television.

The state had sent 68 school buses into the city on Monday.
Blanco is less emphatic in taking blame for the breakdown.

She said she takes responsibility "for assuming that help was on the way" when it wasn't.

Blanco said she's also learned a lesson.

"In the end, in a really dangerous, life-threatening situation, there is no army that's going to be there to save you," she said. "It's going to be person-to-person, helping each other. Some people are putting their lives on the line to help other people whose lives are at risk. And that's the bottom line."

Frankly, this sounds like she's covering her rear 3 weeks after the event. Shame that there are pics of buses that could've been used... The Army could've been on its way, but she wouldn't authorize it... without that, the President would've been violating the Constitution (an impeachable offense?) if he were to send troops in.

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