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Friday, September 16, 2005

Signs that you're suffering from Bush Derangement Syndrome

You hear the President give a laundry list of initiatives to rebuild New Orleans and the Gulf Coast, from $5k to each individual for job training to free travel to return to your home to a new reconstruction effort that will be the largest in the country's history - All with an estimated pricetag of $200 billion. Not since the New Deal has such federal largesse been committed to a project.

If you're a liberal and you're against this plan, you are clearly suffering from Bush Derangement Syndrome. If Bill Clinton gave that speech on Thursday, it would've been hailed as one of the greatest momnents in US political history. Admit it... It wasn't the message or the policy that you didn't like - it was the messenger.

As a fiscal conservative, I shudder at the corruption and waste that is likely to accompany this project. However, it is a worthy effort, as long as it provides a hand up and not a hand out - giving the poor and disaffected a foundation upon which they can build and participate in the new American century. Let's hope that entreprenuership and private enterprise take this opportunity to revitalize the region. Let's hope that the most corrupt State in the Union does something correctly for a change. Given the state & local performance in the face of the crisis, I'm not confident.

By the way, MSNBC cut to Rita Cosby in one of the hardest hit sections of New Orleans. She turns to a sheriff and asks him (and I quote) "What was the most disappointing thing you heard from the President tonight?"

Nah... that's not a slanted question.

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