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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Signs that Mayor Ray Nagin isn't up for the Job

Nagin: "Everybody back... You can go BACK to your homes! All is well!!!"

FEMA's Thad Allen: "Hey, Mayor - There's another storm out in the Gulf. I wouldn't recommend that... but it's your city."

Nagin: "HOW DARE he tell MY citizens what to do."

FEMA's Thad Allen: *crickets chirping*

Nagin, 1 day later: "HOLY CR@P!!!! THERE'S A STORM COMING!!! EVERYONE OUT!!"

Rita Prompts New Orleans to Close Again
Sep 20 12:01 PM US/Eastern
Associated Press Writer


Bars, restaurants and shops had just begun showing signs of life when the mayor suspended the reopening of the city and ordered nearly everyone to leave town again as a new hurricane headed toward the Gulf of Mexico.

The call for another evacuation came after repeated warnings from top federal officials, including President Bush, that New Orleans was not safe enough to reopen. Federal officials warned that Tropical Storm Rita _ upgraded to a hurricane Tuesday morning _ could breach the city's weakened levees and swamp New Orleans all over again.

There appeared to be little effort to enforce Mayor Ray Nagin's new evacuation order Tuesday morning, and some National Guard units were withdrawing from the city. The troops have been living tents in the city's Algiers section near a levee that officials fear could break.

Jill Sandars, a 55-year-old contract paralegal and Web site designer who lives in the French Quarter, did not evacuate before or after Katrina but said she may leave this time if New Orleans appears threatened. She said she is tired of the conflicting information from city officials about whether people should come or go.
The dispute over the reopening was just the latest example of the lack of federal-local coordination that has marked the disaster practically from the start.

Nagin saw a quick reopening as a way to get the storm-battered city back in the business of luring tourists. But federal officials warned that such a move could be a few weeks premature, pointing out that much of the area does not yet have full electricity and still has no drinkable water, 911 service or working hospitals.

With the approach of Rita, the president added his voice, saying he had "deep concern" about the possibility that New Orleans' levees could be breached again.
2 things regarding this story:
  1. It's unfortunate that the press muddles the timeline and the back & forth that took place over 2 days related to Rita's approach. Clearly they're trying to minimize the amount of incompetence that Nagin is displaying on a daily basis; and
  2. If Rita does hit and the people mentioned in this story DO NOT leave the city for safer ground, all good will towards the city of New Orleans will likely evaporate.
Perhaps not... It likely will depend on what happens as Rita approaches. I just can't imagine ANOTHER outpouring of money for "the victims of Rita."

and yes, it really is an example of the lack of Federal-State coordination. The mayor doesn't listen to the Feds and then attacks the feds.

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