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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Senator Tom Coburn for President!!!

He just ripped one of the public witnesses a new one! Susan Thistlewaite from Chicago Theological Seminary had a huge pin stuck in her pomposity. What a great job by the junior Senator from Oklahoma.

The witness had been extremely shrill in her choice of words, while moderated in her tone, as she said Judge Roberts did not share the American Dream (her interpretation of it of course, but not said).

Coburn pointed out to her in kindly but tough terms, such comments are in themselves un-Christian. She had pretended to judge the nature of Robert's heart, a thing Jesus specifically told believers not to do. He said he was stunned at the testimony. He said it all in the gentlest fashion, like Jesus telling someone to go and sin no more.

Her response was so weak as to be pitiable. She knew that the senator had her right where she lived. Oh the shame of the hypcrite!

The guy was great.

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