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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

SCOTUS Pick - Part Deux

Despite Harry Reid's protests, John Roberts will be confirmed. I just hope that the Dems go ballistic and try to filibuster Roberts so the "Gang of 14" will vanish. The country recognizes that Roberts is qualified and no one - not Ralph Neas or anyone else - knows how he'll rule on restrictions to abortion.

But, let's talk about the next nominee - which has a much greater impact on the shape of the court, since Roberts might be a carbon copy of Rhenquist. Given the Dems' willingness to scream bloody murder over ANY nominee Bush puts up there, it seems that Bush should put up another extremely well qualified with conservative bona fides. I'm not sure why Reid & the Dems can't explain to People for the Socialist American Way that Roberts isn't the nominee to get all blustery about. Roberts demonstrated that he is imminently qualified and it's hilarious to see Harry Reid dance like a puppet to Neas manipulations.

Some are echoing my comments that Michael Luttig should be the pick... (The fact that the Kossacks have a "file" on him is instructive.) However, the pressure to nominate a women or minority are so great that it will be difficult for Bush to not take that into consideration. I would suggest Edith Clement... or Edith Jones. (Clement is the better pick in my opinion.)

I am seriously concerned about Alberto Gonzalez (current Attorney General) being put into that slot for several reasons, but primarily because he might be hearing cases that he was involved in as Attorney General. I would prefer to see Miguel Estrada as the pick or Janice Rogers Brown (what a great bios!) However, they may prove problematic, which is why I'm calling for Luttig, Clement, or Jones.

By the way, Wikipedia has a great resource for prospective picks. Also, check out Confirm Them... great blog!

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