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Monday, September 12, 2005

Schumer on Roberts

Watching Chuckie Schumer on C-SPAN 3 right now... I hope the Dems go all ballistic and try to tear John Roberts a new one. Roberts is no Bork... not in the sense of judicial philosophy. No, the main difference is that Roberts is photogenic and Schumer/Kennedy/Leahy et al are not. This undoubtedly will hurt the Dems with the security moms & NASCAR dads that might catch only a blurb on TV or read a story in the paper.

Schumer wants Roberts to answer every single question that he submitted to him. Schumer has essentially said that he won't vote for any conservative justice, regardless of his or her competence. He said that both Scalia & Ginsberg view themselves as fair justices, but the way they rule on cases is extremely different. (Duh!) Apparently, to Schumer... Scalia is not a fair judge.

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