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Monday, September 26, 2005

Roundup of The Rallies

Well, I wish I could've been in D.C. I believe there was supposed to be a rally in St Louis as well, but it must've been rained out. Unfortunately, I was instead having fun supporting my St Louis Rams (who looked pathetic, despite the win over the Titans) and then had an evening dinner engagement. Oh, and it was my birthday.

Since I wasn't able to attend, here are some excellent posts on the blogosphere about the rallies. The media plays this as a mainstream movement, but if you see any closeups or hear any of the speeches, it's quite apparent that these rallies are no different than previous ones - with their multitude of leftist causes (FREE MUMIA!!!), etc.

The inestimable Gateway Jim has these great posts:
Leftists Unleashed
Cindy says "Forget Boring Rita, It's all about me!!!"
Waiting on Ramsey Clark!

Also, check out these pics from Getty Images

And no, I don't think the Leftists hit 1 million...

And be sure to check out Mudville Gazette's evaluationof how DailyKos' Do's & Don'ts were heeded on Saturday. It's hilarious.

Nothing says you're opposed to the Bush Administrations policy on transformation of the Middle East like an effective artistic dance to the beat of erratic drums while waving a flag that says absolutetly nothing. Oh, and don't forget your mask of crazy hair (or is that straw?) and your hemp pants...

Just your average mainstream Americans... For more pics, check out this site. The camera does not lie.

CSPAN has video of the Int'l ANSWER Anti-War rally and the Rally to Honor Military Families. Compare, Contrast
(RealPlayer Required)

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