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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

HP Job cuts in Europe

HP is cutting 5,900 jobs in Europe, as part of its global restructuing effort. It looks to be over 1/4th of the HP French workforce. How does the socialist French mayor respond?

France's Deputy Labor Minister Gerard Larcher said he will meet HP executives Friday to discuss the planned cuts, vowing to "make sure the company takes all its responsibilities toward the employees concerned."

Michel Destot, the Socialist deputy mayor of the southern France city of Grenoble - where HP has one of its French plants - said the layoffs were "unacceptable" and demanded that HP managers also meet local politicians to discuss scaling back the job cuts.

If I were HP I'd pull them all out, then see how unacceptable that was to Destot. He certainly isn't making it an acceptable environment to add jobs.

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