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Thursday, September 08, 2005

High Crimes & Misdemeanor

[sarcasm] Well, at least the Left is taking a measured, logical approach to the situation on the Gulf Coast. [/sarcasm] (If only they would use this much energy to helping the victims, rather than focusing on how they can take Bush down.)

From Tennessee Guerilla Women (Never knew that gorilla's had moved from sign language to typing!)

mpeach Bush Before More People Die

"Impeach Bush" is number six of the top ten Technorati searches. It appears to be climbing.

I looked around and found a post at Skippy that points to Counter Punch where the former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury under Reagan, Paul Craig Roberts writes: Impeach Bush Before More Die.

The man nails it with the proverbial hammer! Michael Brown should be fired, yes, but the Incompetent-in-Chief will only appoint another fool, since the first and only qualification he requires is complete and abject obedience to this nightmare of a dangerous and destructive Rovian Regime.

The only way to save this country is to impeach the miserable failure before he leads more people to their death!
I had to post on this, not only because it's a clear sign of Bush Derangement Syndrome, but also because of the reference to our little Rovian club.


BTW, egalia... there are several psychotherapists that can help you with your, umm.... affliction. I believe they established an entire practice in Florida after the 2004 election.

Oh, and we're just 8 months into a 4 year term, so I'd recommend that you seek help immediately.

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