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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Germany's Future

Great editorial today in the Wall Street Journal regarding Germany's troubles...

But more important than these nuts-and-bolts political questions is the larger picture and its international consequences. What road will Germany take? Will it continue on the path of Franco-German social protectionism, driving Germany (and thus Europe) into permanent economic crisis and foreign-policy isolationism? Or the path of Anglo-American deregulated economies, which will finally free up Germany's enormous growth potential -- and thus inspire all of Europe and tie it more strongly to a Western alliance? The election in Germany has set things in motion. Nothing is clear and anything is possible: Weimar or "Wirtschaftswunder."

The socialist Left had as much success with class hatreds and social fears as the FDP did with its concept of greater personal responsibility and less bureaucracy. Where will the next government's compass point? Who will find the words to tell people the truth and excite their enthusiasm for change? Things are in motion, and the forces of freedom need one thing above all: faithful international friends who retain their interest in Germany. There is no alternative to the European-American relationship: Germany must not lose. It must win.

The FDP's rise is important... And the fact that the Linkspartei (the former commies & socialists who don't think Schroeder is statist enough) is engaging in nationalism should be frightful to anyone. The Germans had a clear choice - individualism and protection of the rights of the individual (promoted by the CDU/FDP) or increased submission of the individual to the state (in the form of the Left Party and the SPD)?

For now, they've chosen neither... But expect the fight over the future of Germany to continue.

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