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Friday, September 09, 2005

FEMA - What a Mess, and Not for the Reasons the Left Thinks

Rich Lowry over at NRO has written a short and brilliant piece regarding FEMA, its failures during Katrina, how it works and why. What he says is not going to be a source of satisfaction to The Left and should be a source of chagrin to a Republican administration. The mega-agency, Homeland Security, is a bureaucratic nightmare where the redtape, as they used to say, is cut lengthwise.

What was done with volunteer firemen from around the country who came to help rescue people from flooded buildings in New Orleans? They were sent to Atlanta where they were trained in such invaluable skills as how not to sexually harass their fellow volunteers. After this critical training, while folks were swimming in their attics in the Big Easy, they were dispatched to distribute flyers with FEMA's phone number on it.

Lowry deals with other fiascos, as where FEMA people turned away truckloads of water being provided by The Great Satan, Wal-Mart.

Read the article in its entirety. When your jaws unlock, say something to someone who matters and who can do something about this, like a Congressman. (In my case here on the Central Coast of California, that probably is a total waste of time.) Let them know what you think about this state of affairs.

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