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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The DUers Clarify Rather's Comments

Well, Dan Rather is looking silly:

NEW YORK (Hollywood Reporter) - Former CBS News anchor Dan Rather said Monday that there is a climate of fear running through newsrooms stronger than he has ever seen in his more than four-decade career.

Addressing the Fordham University School of Law in Manhattan, occasionally forcing back tears, he said that in the intervening years, politicians "of every persuasion" had gotten better at applying pressure on the conglomerates that own the broadcast networks. He called it a "new journalism order."

He said this pressure -- along with the "dumbed-down, tarted-up" coverage, the advent of 24-hour cable competition and the chase for ratings and demographics -- has taken its toll on the news business. "All of this creates a bigger atmosphere of fear in newsrooms," Rather said.

And the DUers think that Old Danny Boy is right on track... check out these comments:
I wish there were more people willing to speak up about this. It's a dangerous situation for all of us.
Dangerous, indeed. Herr Rove has tracked this post and is on his way right now...

I wish he'd say it - The GOP machine controls the corporate media. Rather couches it as "politicians had gotten better at applying pressure" but we all know he really means the GOP has near total control of the corporate media.
Yes, that rabid right-wing media.

i think he was, only picking his words carefully (eom)
Yes, otherwise the sharpshooters would have taken him out.

And it's the corporate-owned media that got Dan fired, since he told the truth about 9/11 being an "inside job."
Watch the videos...of Building Seven of the World Trade Center complex when it falls. It is Dan Rather's voice you hear in his news broadcast as he says it looks just like the controlled demolitions we have seen before.

Mr. Rather had some problems with previous administrations and in his personal life before this, but I think his comment about what was clearly controlled demolition sealed his fate as a marked man with the Bush administration. There was no way that he would get anywhere with his story - even though it was true - about Bush being AWOL when he should have been reporting for his duties as a Texas Air National Guardsman.

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