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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Chafee, Roberts, and the Kossack wing of the Democratic Party

Unfortunately for the Kossacks, I don't know think that any ad can be honest about Roberts and damage Chafee - barring some ruling on Roe v. Wade before the mid-terms. However, that won't keep the Kossacks from blustering...

Chafee makes it official: Yes on Roberts
by JamesB3
Wed Sep 21st, 2005 at 07:16:19 PDT

Gear up those campaign ads
Chafee told the Providence Journal that he will vote for Roberts even though he has been concerned that Roberts would try to restrict, or get rid of, legal abortion.

The senator explained his decision by noting that Roberts would replace another opponent of abortion, the late Chief Justice William Rehnquist. Given that, Roberts' addition to the court should not disturb the narrow majority that favors legal abortion, Chafee said.
The questions are, at least in reference to Chafee:
  1. Will this hurt him with Rhode Island voters? They have elected liberal senators for years, but their current governor, Carcieri, is socially conservative and popular.
  2. How much will this help Whitehouse or Brown?
  3. Will NARAL rescind their endorsement, or are they going to wait and see how he votes on O'Connor's replacement?
He seems to be hinting that he may not vote for O'Connor's replacement if he/she/it is anti-abortion.

Chafee said his decision would have been tougher if Roberts was replacing retiring Justice Sandra Day O'Connor. O'Connor has been a swing vote in abortion and other privacy-related cases.

This also pretty makes it pretty likely that Olympia Snowe will go along, since Collins and Specter are also supporting Roberts. So that gives him the full 55, if that was ever in doubt.

Well, actually JamesB3, it is likely that Roberts will get some Dems to vote for him... So, Chafee's counter-ads in Rhode Island will be pretty effective. And I think will have a field day with all of slander that NARAL & Co will put into an ad attacking Chafee for his vote on Roberts.

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