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Monday, September 19, 2005

But What About the Film Actors Guild?

Well, this is good news (From WSJ) or you can view this AP story.

North Korea Vows to Give Up Nuclear Programs
U.S., Asian Nations Offer Economic Aid and Security;
Final Deal Is Long Way Off
September 20, 2005

After three years of threats and stalemate, North Korea pledged to give up its atomic weapons and abandon its existing nuclear programs in exchange for economic aid and security guarantees from the U.S. and its Asian neighbors.

A final deal is a long way off and will require sweeping concessions from Pyongyang, including intrusive inspections to ensure the dismantling of its entire nuclear complex.

It will also require important concessions from the Bush administration. As part of yesterday's preliminary agreement, the U.S. said it would forswear all hostile actions against the North, eventually move toward normalizing relations and "discuss at an appropriate time" its demand for a light-water nuclear reactor.

That last-minute commitment, brokered by the Chinese, salvaged the talks. Until now, Washington had argued that the North forfeited all rights to a civilian nuclear program, warning that it might try to divert even limited technology to weapons use.

All sides' sincerity will be severely tested. A new round of talks scheduled for early November will grapple with contentious questions, including the timing and sequencing of the North's dismantlement steps versus the rewards it will reap and the intrusiveness of outside verification. A deal could founder on any of those questions.

Notably, yesterday's declaration made no specific mention of the North's alleged uranium-enrichment efforts. Pyongyang insists that its weapons program is solely plutonium-based. The U.S. insists it also has a program to secretly manufacture weapons-grade uranium -- and that, too, will have to be verifiably dismantled.

The best part about this is the fact that the reputation of the Chinese is on the line. If Kim makes them look foolish on the world stage, there would likely be serious repercussions as China does not like to lose face. Of course, this whole things is dependent on our willingness to trust the Chinese, and given some of the recent things that they have said, there's a (slim) chance that they're playing us. Unfortunately, only time will tell whether that's the case and that is one thing that is in short supply.

The biggest question on everyone's mind is what will the Film Actor's Guild do now???

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