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Thursday, September 08, 2005

The Blame Game

Major Garrett of Fox News yesterday revealed that the State of Louisiana (ie Governor Blanco) blocked the Red Cross from moving into the city after the storm hit because they didn't want to attract more people to the site and encourage those already there to leave." This story is being widely discussed in the blogosphere, such as the Barking Moonbat Early Warning System.

Add to this the facts on the ground regarding

  1. the buses that were available pre-storm to move people out of the city; and
  2. the revelation on last night's O'Reilly Factor that the Louisiana National Guard is under a gag order, preventing them from disclosing when their involvement was requested by Blanco; and
  3. Blanco and Nagin's animosity towards each other
Given all that we know about the situation surrounding state & local authorities, it's becoming quite clear that the incompetence of the Louisiana government is primarily to blame for letting the situation spin out of control. FEMA's plan for New Orleans called for a response within 3 days (and it took them 3.5 to 4 days before they had a significant presence), so some blame can be allocated to FEMA and the Bush administration in that regard. However, FEMA's responsibilities are greater than Blanco or Nagin's, given that they're supposed to coordinate all of the state and local responders along the gulf coast and not just the efforts in Nagin's city. That means that FEMA is working with 4 governors (LA, MS, AL, and FL) and mayors all along the effected area. Unfortunately for the citizens of New Orleans, their mayor is incompetent and their governor apparently has difficulty making decisions without spending 24 hours with her advisors. It's interesting that only in New Orleans do we see chaos and unnecessary suffering so long after the event.

Here's the blurb regarding the Louisiana National Guard issue:
On a related topic, Fox News military analyst Col. Bill Cowan has been investigating whether Governor Blanco called in the National Guard before the hurricane. "I talked with people in the National Guard, and they are under a gag order. Somebody's hiding something. But in defense of the Guard, two days before Katrina hit they were looking at what kind of equipment they had, and what kind of plan they might have to put into effect." The Factor called on Governor Blanco to step up and tell the truth. "It's a very simple question - did you order the Guard in there, Governor Blanco? And if not, why not? We can't get an answer."
Sounds like the Guard was getting prepared, but were never ordered into the city... why?

Perhaps Kanye West should've said, "Blanco doesn't care about black people."

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