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Thursday, August 25, 2005

What Jurisdiction?

From Drudge...

Federal Judge OKs Global Warming Lawsuit
Aug 24 9:00 PM US/Eastern
AP Legal Affairs Writer

A federal judge here said environmental groups and four U.S. cities can sue federal development agencies on allegations the overseas projects they financially back contribute to global warming.

The decision Tuesday by U.S. District Judge Jeffrey White is the first to say that groups alleging global warming have a right to sue.

"This is the first decision in the country to say that climate change causes sufficient injury to give a plaintiff standing, to open the courthouse door," said Ronald Shems, a Vermont attorney representing Friends of the Earth.

That group, in addition to Greenpeace and the cities of Boulder, Colo., Santa Monica, Oakland and Arcata, Calif., sued Overseas Private Investment Corp. and the Export-Import Bank of the United States. Those government agencies provide loans and insure billions of dollars of U.S. investors' money for development projects overseas. Many of the projects are power plants that emit greenhouses gases that the groups allege cause global warming.

The coalition argues that the National Environmental Policy Act, the law requiring environmental assessments of proposed development projects in the United States, should apply to the U.S.-backed projects overseas. The U.S. law should apply, they say, because those developments are contributing to the degradation of the U.S. environment via global warming.

And Brian / Monterey John both think that the racket in Madison County is over? Well, the plaintiff's bar will give up Madison Cty if they can sue for GLOBAL climate change. Today, Madison - Tomorrow, the WORLD!!!

I have to say that if this ruling is allowed to stand, we'd better just close down shop. What's the point?

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