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Sunday, August 14, 2005

The Tolerance of the Left

I linked to this post on the B!tchPhD blog on Friday and ARC:Brian & I headed over to have a conversation with the commenters there. My initial post involved two things:

  1. that NARAL's false ad isn't just a problem for the ad that was pulled, but for all future ads from the organization since they just proved that they'll distort the truth and lie to their audience; and
  2. to let them know that, while they may be angry, profanity and harsh rhetoric is no way for their side to gain support.
They disregarded the first point and immediately castigated me for my "patronizing" tone, telling women that they shouldn't be so "uppity" and that they weren't "justified in their anger." (Frankly, I didn't know that all of the f-bomb commenters were women...)

I also commented that BitchPhD's logo (click here to see it) is a perfect embodiment of the Left today - an immature kid that doesn't know anything, but is more than willing to flip off the world for shock value - not knowing the meaning of her actions.

Anyway, Brian joined in the fray and hilarity ensued, with Leftist whackos failing to address major points of discussion, returning to defensive tones about the "gender constructs" that Brian & I were using when posting.

I recommend reading the comments for that post, as it's instructive on how far from reason the Left has moved. It is also interesting to note that many of the commenters have university email addresses (Duke, Northwestern, etc), so they're either poorly educated students, poorly educated staff, or poorly educated professors. I'm sure if it's the latter, they're well credentialed - they failed to get the basics is logic and reason.

Anyway, after reading our comments, Bitch PhD has apparently banned us from future comments... Amazing how tolerant the Left is for dissent.

And this is a common practice of the Left side of the blogosphere. You'll find a similar welcome from the Twinkie-Meister (, who reviews every comment before it appears publicly. Many of my comments that linked to objective facts from non-partisan sources and undermined Ollie's posts were never allowed. Try to submit a "non-progressive" post or response on - I give you 15 minutes before it is removed and your ID revoked (assuming they grant you one in the first place).

Your Co-Conspirator,
ARC: St Wendeler