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Monday, August 01, 2005

Sometimes you just want to cry... another hero

Will the Left PLEASE just shutup and let these men do their jobs so they can come home, hopefully alive?

The posting below contains some wonderful photgraphs of a very sad occasion. I encourage all to visit this Seals website. This is what it is all about and about just who is "doing the doing."

A Warrior at Rest
I had the privilege to attend the funeral of Petty Officer James E. Suh. As I entered
the gates of Forest Lawn, the LA City Fire Department had positioned a Ladder
Truck on either side of the entrance in order to hang a giant American Flag from
beneath the crossed ladders.When James arrived at LAX from the East Coast two
weeks ago, he was greeted by the LAX Police Honor Guard who carefully placed him
in the waiting hearse. A SEAL Reservist member of the LAXPD arranged this honor
for James, and he told me that the entire airport terminal basically shut down
for an hour while James was reunited with his family. Waiting passengers pressed
their faces against the glass and baggage handlers removed their hats and stood
in silence as this hero was transferred from the aircraft. The LASO and LAPD
SWAT Teams personally escorted the fallen SEAL to the Forest Lawn Mortuary where
he was prepared for burial. LAPD and LAFD officers were well represented at the
funeral itself, and counted at least three Assistant Chiefs of Police in
attendance.The Navy laid on an aircraft for SDV Team ONE members to attend, and
at least 50 Team members made the trip. The Chapel services were very intimate,
and it became immediately apparent that James had a large and very loving
family. James was eulogized by a SEAL Chief, a Petty Officer from SDVT 1, and
his sister Claudia. Claudia demonstrated great courage and warmth as she
recounted her childhood with James and their father. She recalled the moment
when as a big sister she realized her little brother was no longer subject to
her physical domination. She remembered finding herself pinned to the floor with
a large string of spit dangling from a mischievous grin on James’ face. The
Chapel services concluded with a stirring photographic montage set to a
beautiful hymn. The pictorial tribute showed how many lives James had touched,
and in his powerful gaze were a quiet confidence and a charming wry smile.This
was the first funeral with full military honors that I have ever had the
privilege to attend. The gravesite was flanked on each side by the family and
members of the LAPD and LAFD. At James’ head was the Navy Honor Guard and at his
feet SDV Team ONE.Everyone
in uniform saluted as James’ flag draped coffin was carried by six of his
comrades to the grave led by Admiral Maguire and the Chaplain. The Honor Guard
flawlessly performed three volleys of seven rounds from their M-14s as two LAPD
helicopters flew overhead informing everyone within earshot that a hero was
being laid to rest nearby and to take heed.The
flag was carefully folded ensuring that every crease was smoothed and every fold
crisp. It was received by Admiral Maguire who personally presented it to James’
father on behalf of a grateful nation.Just as at the Memorial in Hawaii I was
struck by a truly unique SEAL tradition that I hadn’t expected to see. Upon the
dismissal of the assembly by the funeral director, the men of SDV Team ONE
solemnly formed a single file and approached James’ immaculate wood coffin. One
by one, each man removed his Trident from the breast of his uniform and pounded
it into the gleaming wooden lid of his coffin. Dozens of golden Tridents were
left shimmering in the sun to accompany James on his journey…forever.
Navy HymnEternal Father, strong to save,Whose arm hath bound the
restless wave,Who bidd’st the mighty ocean deepIts own appointed limits keep;Oh,
hear us when we cry to Thee,For those in peril on the sea.Eternal Father,
faithful friend,Be quick to answer those we sendIn brotherhood and urgent
trustOn hidden missions dangerous;Oh, hear us when we cry to TheeFor SEALs in
air on land and sea.

Your Co-Conspirator,