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Thursday, August 11, 2005

A Sign that you are a Whacko, Lefty Nujtob

The [sarcasm]ueber-right wing [/sarcams] St. Louis Post-Dispatch says you're full of $#&*%.

THE ROBERTS NOMINATION: The blinders of certainty
Thursday, Aug. 11 2005

THE JOHN G. ROBERTS JR. confirmation debate reveals the folly, and unfairness,
of applying a single litmus test to a judicial nominee.

NARAL Pro-Choice America is airing a distorted attack ad that unfairly
criticizes Judge Roberts for supposedly excusing abortion clinic violence. The
ad pictures Emily Lyons in a wheelchair. She is the nurse injured in the
Birmingham, Ala. clinic bombing seven years ago.

"Supreme Court nominee John Roberts filed court briefs supporting violent
fringe groups and a convicted clinic bomber," the ad says. "America can't
afford a justice whose ideology leads him to excuse violence against other

The ad is more than misleading. It borders on outright falsehood. Judge Roberts
never excused abortion clinic violence; he criticized it. The abortion clinic
bombing pictured in the ad occurred seven years after the legal case
involving Judge Roberts. And Judge Roberts' brief was limited to the narrow
legal question of whether the Ku Klux Klan Act applied to illegal acts at
abortion clinics.

Judge Roberts argued for the government that the law didn't apply because the
attacks did not grow out of an "animus" toward women in general, in that many
women don't have abortions. This editorial page disagreed, but the U.S. Supreme
Court didn't. The court didn't excuse clinic violence, it just decided that the
Reconstruction-era law couldn't be used against it.

At a news conference announcing the ad buy, NARAL's president Nancy Keenan
said, "I want to be very clear that we are not suggesting that Mr. Roberts
condones or supports clinic violence."

Huh? How exactly did Judge Roberts excuse violence if he didn't
condone it? Ms. Keenan wasn't able to explain.

It's not only the true believers on the left who have their blinders on. A
group called Public Advocate of the United States proved that. The group
withdrew its support for Judge Roberts on Wednesday because of his involvement
in a successful legal challenge to an anti-gay law in Colorado.

As a lawyer at the Washington, D.C. firm of Hogan & Hartson, Judge Roberts
agreed to help with the firm's pro bono work in 1996 on behalf of a group
challenging a Colorado constitutional amendment. The amendment would have
banned municipalities from passing laws protecting gays against discrimination.
Judge Roberts played Justice Antonin Scalia at a mock oral argument.

That was too much for Public Advocate, which saw his actions as support for the
"radical homosexual lobby" in overturning a "pro-family" law in "an appalling
act of judicial activism."

Most Americans are wise enough not be blinded by their own certainties, and
smart enough to ignore the rants of those who are.

It seems that some will find this news troubling...

BTW, I agree with the P-D that the Public Advocate folks are a bunch of nuts, too... But hey, I call 'em as I see em.

Heck, it seems that even [sarcasm] uber-right-winger[/sarcasm] Al Franken can't condone the NARAL ad... But that doesn't stop the DUers from keeping the blinders on and focusing their attacks - on Al!

***UPDATE 2***
Another sign is when ScrappleFace can make you look like a complete @ss:
NARAL: Roberts' Adoptions Jeopardize Abortion Rights
by Scott Ott

(2005-08-10) -- A new TV ad from the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL) claims that Supreme Court nominee John Roberts adopted two children to undercut a woman's right to choose abortion.

"Judge Roberts' shameless involvement in an abortion alternative is a threat to women everywhere," said NARAL President Nancy Keenan. "If Roberts had his way, every unwanted pregnancy would end in adoption rather than abortion. His vicious assault on women's rights should disqualify him from sitting on any court, let alone the Supreme Court."

The ad comes in the same week that another NARAL spot established Judge Roberts' involvement in abortion clinic bombings.

"NARAL will continue to make allegations about Roberts until President Bush drops him and nominates someone who holds a clear conservative position on Roe v. Wade," said Mrs. Keenan. "The haziness of his views makes it more difficult for us to whip up the rage needed for a big NARAL fundraising campaign."

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