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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Scrappleface Chimes in on Air Americaquiddick

Air America Hires Dan Rather as Scandal Spokesman
by Scott Ott
(2005-08-03) -- Air
America, the unabashedly liberal radio network plagued by allegations of
high-level fraud
and embezzlement of money meant to benefit children and
Alzheimer's patients, today hired former CBS news anchor Dan Rather as the
public relations 'point man' to serve as a spokesman for the network.
Franken, the former comedian who has become the voice of Air America, said the
veteran CBS newsman brings "the appearance of credibility to an organization
still struggling to establish its own facade of integrity with the
American public."
Mr. Rather said he looks forward to "telling the true
story" about the Air America executive who borrowed $800,000 from a Bronx, New York, agency which
normally helps children and Alzheimer's patients.
"On the surface, I'll grant
you, these charges look bad," said Mr. Rather. "But is there really that much
difference between helping little children and helping the staff of Air America?
And is it really malfeasance to take money intended for people who can't
remember anything, and give it to a liberal radio network?"
Despite his
employment agreement with Air America, Mr. Rather said, "If there has been any
wrongdoing here, I want to break that story."
Network officials said Mr.
Rather's six-figure Air America salary is funded by a loan from a nonprofit
organization that grants wishes to dying children.
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