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Sunday, August 21, 2005

San Francisco and the USS Iowa

Regarding San Francisco's Board of Stupivisors deciding NOT to take in the USS Iowa, I admit the first I heard of it was the post this morning on this blog. That is rather astounding given that I live 90 miles south of San Francisco and am a native of that fair city. It just makes me sick.Forty plus years in the East and in Flatland / Flyover Country never took San Francisco out of my heart and being. This just might do the trick. I'm going to violate one of my ironclad rules, that being that I will never use profanity (apologies to Penelope) on any blog. What a bunch of a$$holes! San Franfreako indeed.

The reasons given were that the military is anti gay and the stupivisors don't support the war in Iraq.

This old veteran is not amused. San Francisco passed up the perfect opportunity to say and do something for the veterans who give them the ability to say the things they do. (I might remind the stupivisors how gays are regarded in fundamentalist Muslim countries, and it's not with seats at the table of power.) This is pathetic.

I posted this on my personal blog not more than a month ago:

The City by the Bay

In 2000 I came back to San Francisco for the first time since I was a
child. I was born across the Bay in Berkeley. (Friends who know me well think that is just a riot.) I have always loved the area. San Francisco is weird,
outrageous and the people who run it seem to be in closer touch with the mothership than they are with the rest of this country. Long gone are its roots
with the Italian immigrants, the railroad robber barons, the Chinese businessmen, merchants and fishermen, the military and everything else that made
the city what it once was. Yet it remains great, cutting edge and one of the most beautiful and cosmopolitan cities in the world. I love the place.

I'm not so sure about that

Your Co-Conspirator,
ARC: MontereyJohn


The Iowa will apparently be going to Stockton, California. How perfect is that? The Sacramento River makes a cut through the hills (mountains to Missourians) that separate Moonbat Central on the Bay from the rest of America. Upstream fifty miles or so, in the Central Valley and heart of Red State California lies Stockton. Stockton is a booming city that builds real things and has real jobs (gasp!).

I'm sure the Old Girl will feel much more at home there.