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Monday, August 01, 2005

Recess Appointments

Despite the hand-wringing by the Left, recess appointments are pretty common. And had the stupid Senate just done their duty and had a friggin' vote, the recess appointment of Bolton wouldn't have happened.

Here's a quick rundown for you:

President / # of Recess Appointments during term
George W Bush / 106 (in 5 years)
Bill Clinton / 140
George HW Bush / 77
Ronald Reagan / 243

DUers prove Godwin's Law yet again, drawing parallels between the Bolton appointment 1934 Germany.... and this guy responds to that post by calling for "armed revolution" over the recess appointment.

Yet another DUer thinks the appointment is to distract from the Rove/Plame investigation.

And the Left wonders why they keep losing elections!

See Wizbang & CQB for more coverage. (CQB's analysis of Kerry's reaction is great.)

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