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Thursday, August 04, 2005

The Ohio Special Election - A Look Back

I was somewhat surprised at some of the commentary about the election yesterday. I listen to Tony Snow in the morning sometimes as a change of pace from Rush, and he was blaming the Republican candidate for the close result. He said she was "squishy" and soft peddled conservatism.

Admittedly what I saw of her was limited. But I have to say my impression was not that of a "squishy" lady. Quite the contrary, she gave the impression of a Nancy Pelosi of the Right. She looked tough enough to me.

To my way of thinking, the election was a unique situation, "perfect storm" as some called it. It was a special election, there are some problems for the Republicans at the state level and the Democrats were fired up and had an attractive candidate. This is a district where the Republicans are overwhelming in their vote, nearly two thirds in normal situation. Apathy on the part of the Republican electorate is to be expected. "Oh heck, she's going to win, I'm going to go to Starbucks for a late' " would be an expected behavior. I think that is what happened. The Democrats turned out their vote and the Republicans did not. So the election was close.

Maybe Snow is right, that the Republican went wobbly, but I think there are more probable explanations for the close result.

And again, a brassy Marine has a certain appeal. We have seen it before when Ollie North laid the Senate low with his conduct during the Iran-Contra hearing back in the 80s. People are drawn to men like Hackett and North.

Whatever the reason, the seat is held and likely safely Republican for a long time to come.

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