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Saturday, August 06, 2005

Man, It's Lonely Out Here...

Dateline Left Coast 8:00 AM PDT:

Having been totally abandoned by Brian and Saint for the last few days, I'll be in therapy for minutes recovering.

Well, it does give me a chance to highlight some of the things I think are really important. To me the troops who have their butts on the line can never have enough said about them. Maybe that is why I kind of liked ole Major Hackett out there in the 2nd CD of Ohio. He has EARNED the right to say whatever he wants, wrongheaded or not.

I was cruising one blog link after another and see there are all sorts of places to find what is going on with the troops. The are blogs for the mothers of Marines, personal blogs of troops, family blogs, you name it. I have mentioned From My Position, which is now the blog of a wounded tank jockey at Walter Reed. Soldiers' Angel is another good one. Holly Aho does podcasts of the work she does for soldiers, does fund raising for things the troops need and want in the field, visits the wounded who have come home and writes eloquently on topics pertinent to the troops.

Each of these blogs has multiple links to other such blogs. Please take a moment and look at some of these very personal stories. These men and women are what the politics we engage in here are all about. These are the men and the women out doing what is needed to effect what our government has decided is essential for our protection. Besides that, Mr. Big himself "suggests" (if you get my meaning) that we all do our part.

Have a great weekend.

And Saint, get back to work!

Your Co-Conspirator,
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