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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Light Blogging for St Wendeler

Note... there will be sporadic blogging from me over the next few days. Have some other committments which are consuming almost every waking moment. Details at 9 (on Sunday)!

However, this is the benefit of a team blog... I'm sure my co-conspirators will be posting their thoughts on the issues of the day.

Speaking of which, the Kossacks are chearing over the loss experienced by Hackett in Ohio. As Monterey John points out, Hackett is the most unlikely democrat, given that he "packs heat," his main ad started off with video of Bush and Hackett saying "I agree with President Bush," and he fails to mention his party affiliation in most or all of his ads. So, yeah... if the Kossacks view this as a victory and an example of how Dems can win, the lesson is that Dems can win by pretending to be pro-gun, pro-military candidates that aren't affiliated with the Democratic party. Hooooah!

I'm sure exit polls and turnout info will provide additional insight... I definitely think that the GOP needs to watch out, but it's unlikely that the Dems will be able to run a campaign similar to Hackett's.

Your Co-Conspirator,
ARC: St Wendeler