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Thursday, August 18, 2005

The Israeli Pull-Out

Is it a betrayal of Jewish settlers who were asked by the Israeli government to risk their lives in Gaza?

Is it likely to be seen by the Islamofascists as a victory for terrorism?

Given those two major faults of the situation in Gaza, I recognize that this pull-out was inevitable and that it is likely the only way that Israel can defend itself more aggressively. In addition, while it is a short-term concession to the terrorists, Sharon should wall off the Gaza strip from Israel proper and not allow anyone to cross the border - no one.

Next, discuss with whoever the hell is running the Palestinian Authority today that the next suicide bombing in Israel will be followed up with carpet bombing of Gaza. This gives the PA some respect, in that it assumes that they have a control over their own territory and are able to function like a real government.

So, in the short-term, Hamas may be cheering... but I wonder how they'll feel when they find out that this might be Israel's first step towards finally treating terrorist attacks as acts of war rather than merely a security issue.

Jeff Goldstein at ProteinWisdom (who is always insightful, but only if you've taken the red pills found behind the sofa cushions) points to this post by the VodkaPundit which echoes this sentiment, although perhaps he is less optimistic:

Israelis won't have to deal with 1.5 million Palestinians who, by and large it seems, want them dead. The security situation might degrade ever-so-slightly, but the Excedrin Factor just dropped several notches. And that's no small something for a country that's been at war for virtually all of its 58-year existence.

The other thing Sharon has accomplished is to maybe, just maybe, force some of the Palestinian leadership to act like grownups. The PA – or Hamas, or whoever – now finds itself in the uncomfortable position of providing water, filling potholes, solving crimes, putting out fires – all the little tiny basic things local government is supposed to do.

And when the PA can't or won't provide those things? Then maybe, just maybe, the propaganda-driven death cult Arafat created will die, and the Palestinian people will start acting like grownups, too.

It's a slim chance, but the only chance Israel can reasonably take. I say that because Israel's other choices are to become an apartheid state, or expel every single last Arab out of Gaza. Neither option is less undesirable than the one Sharon has taken.

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