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Friday, August 19, 2005

Is the party about to end in Madison County?

Today's Post-Dispatch has an article detailing the yesterday's ruling by the Illinois Supreme Court overturning the $1billion (yes with a B) decision against State Farm Insurance (based in Bloomington, IL) for using non-standard car parts.

As the article details though the appeal wasn't about what parts to use in cars, but rather on the venue shopping for class action lawsuits in Madison County Illinois.

Madison County courts are notorious for being plaintiff friendly. From my understanding, most of the judges are former plaintiff's attorneys, the juries (if it ever gets that far) are plaintiff friendly, which leads to large verdicts against companies.

It appears that at least the Supreme Court is starting to notice the venue shopping that is going on, and is starting to tell the lower courts to shape up with their class certifications.

The party may be about to end...

I'm sure Penelope, having actually been in a Madison County Courthouse, could comment further..... Penelope?

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