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Monday, August 01, 2005

From the mouths of babes (and Alzheimer patients)

Well, the Air America scandal has gotten picked up by the NY Sun and the NY Post. It doesn't appear that AA is in the clear yet. It was $800k instead of half a million... I wonder how much of that cash ended up to pay for Al Franken's wonderful insight? (Michelle Malkin is also covering)

Meanwhile, on the airwave of Air America, they're still talking about Rove/Plame, explaining to their listeners how "serious" such a leak is and how someone is "going down." I'm sure they'll get around to their own hypocrisy, since that's the one cardinal sin in the eyes of a Liberal/Progressive/Marxist.

No word yet as to how Rove is involved in defrauding the Gloria Wise Boys & Girls clubs by impersonating Evan Cohen. Of course, I haven't checked DU yet as I write, so that connection probably has already been made by someone with a glut of tinfoil on their hands head.

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