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Monday, August 29, 2005

California Fratricide

Dateline: Other Side (Wrong Side) of the Asylum Wall

Here in California the Republicans are up to their old games, which compelled me to post a comment at California Conservative.

The Republicans are re-arranging deck chairs on the Titanic.

Here we go again, liberal and conservative Republicans fighting among themselves within the California Republican Party.

My own politics range from Libertarian to Paleo-con depending upon the issue being dealt with. For instance, I agree with Pat Buchanan that we should never have gone into Iraq and for the same reasons, I do not think Pax Americana is a doable objective. I also agree with Buchanan that now that we are there, we have no choice but to fight it out to a successful conclusion.

When it comes to “life-style issues,” I am distinctly libertarian, so long as they are truly life-style issues. Where the impact on third parties (sorry, that’s the lawyer in me speaking)is minimal or non-existant, I do not believe a political question exists in such cases. These are questions of persuasion and not law.

So, am I a liberal or a conservative?

I think homosexuals should live anyway they like and suffer no discrimination. I also think they should not be afforded legal marriage. So what does that make me with regard to “gay rights” other than the fact that I irritated both liberals and conservatives?

I realize the issues here at this BLog are Conservative as opposed to Republican. However, to me the two are intertwined. The success of one depends upon the other.

When we mix the personal with the legal we get into these cat fight between liberals and conservatives in the Republican Party.

And that is where the Titanic metaphor is apt. The Republicans continue to make themselves irrelevant because of their tendency to form circular fiing squads. This has got to stop. We, speaking as a Republican, must stop wasting energy in this manner. When the primaries, where it is proper to fight out legitimate issues between ourselves, are over, they game is over. It is time to get on with with electing the best we can.

I think a good example of how to get things done exists here in Monterey County. The county chairman has quietly brought peace among the factions. As a result, Abel Moldonado was elected to the State Senate. An Republican African American county supervisor was elected and many other Republicans are being elected at the local and county level. A little peace goes a long way.

We have got to find the things we have in common and build upon those if we are to have any hope of becoming a factor in California politics.

It’s time to remember Reagan’s 11th commandment… to speak no evil of another Republican (at least once the primaries are over and even before the primaries, to chose words carefully so they don’t come back to haunt us during the general election).

Leave it to the Democrats to find fault with Republicans.

Your Co-Conspirator,
ARC: Monterey John