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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Bush's Vacations look like mine

Without all the Secret Service protection, crowds, & news media, though...

my point was that it doesn't appear that the President's vacation isn't exactly one where you lay on the beach and eat bon-bons... He works on his vacations, similar to my trip to Florida & Cali this year (actually went somewhere this year!) where I had my laptop powered on every day for several hours.

Anyway, it seems that Bush's vacation includes doin' some of that executive-branch signin' thing...

Bush signs $286.4 billion highway bill
Associated Press Writer

MONTGOMERY, Ill. (AP) -- President Bush opened the gates Wednesday for spending a whopping $286.4 billion on roads and bridges, rail and bus facilities, bike paths and recreational trails, saying the projects from coast to coast would spur the economy and save lives.

Critics said the 1,000-page transportation bill was weighed down with pet projects to benefit nearly every member of Congress. The bill's price tag over six years was $30 billion more than Bush had recommended, but he said he was proud to sign it.

"Highways just don't happen," Bush said. "People have got to show up and do the work to refit a highway or build a bridge, and they need new equipment to do so. So the bill I'm signing is going to help give hundreds of thousands of Americans good-paying jobs."

To make his point, Bush signed the measure at a suburban Chicago Caterpillar Inc. plant in the home district of House Speaker Dennis Hastert. The Republican leader oversaw nearly two years of negotiations on Capitol Hill to get a slimmed-down version that Bush would accept.

It's a shame that almost nothing can get through Congress without an extra helping of pork... It's even more amazing that this bloated piece of legislation is the "slimmed-down version." What the heck must've the first one looked like?!? I just hope that the Dems come back strong enough ideologically so that the GOP doesn't forget its roots of fiscal responsibility.

Do we really need federal funds for bike paths and recreational trails? Seriously.... no, seriously... If someone could please show the text in the Constitution that gives that responsibility to the Federal government, I would appreciate it. (Note - Anyone pointing to the Commerce Clause will be drawn and quartered.)

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