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Monday, August 01, 2005

And so they fiddled...

After reflecting on a couple of American heroes in my previous two posts, I realized just how angry I am when I see what so many in "the loyal opposition" do while we are at war. While Chuck recovers at Walter Reed and Petty Officer Suh sleeps the eternal sleep, what are people like Senators Durbin, Kennedy et al doing? They are doing everything they can to unhinge the machinery we as a country have put in motion.

My sainted Dad used to say, "On any job, there can be only one boss." In this country we elect that boss. The people spoke over nine months ago. It is way past time for the other pretenders to the job to get onboard and do what they can to help that boss do the job he was elected to do. There will be time enough in the next election cycle for their nonsense.

But that is not what we get. In the middle of putting up the structure the opposition is undermining the foundations. They seem to do this for no better purpose than to pull down the elected leader.

And so, like Nero, while Rome burned, the Democrats fiddle while we fight a war. While Chuck and P.O. Suh put their lives on the line, the Democrats do everything they can to make sure those sacrifices are in vain. And that makes me exceedingly angry.

We have a U.N. ambassador today, no thanks to the Democrats. The president was elected to do a job. He selected a man to help him do what the people elected the president to do. And again the Democrats fiddle. No doubt we will see the same thing at the Supreme Court in coming weeks as the Roberts confirmation goes forward.

And then again, there are men like Chuck and P.O. Suh who just make me burst with pride.

Years ago a fine lawyer asked of Senator McCarthy, "Have you no shame senator? Have you no shame?"

Well, do they? Do they have any shame? It appears not.

Your Co-Conspirator,
ARC: MontereyJohn