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Thursday, August 04, 2005

And the Beat Goes on...Air Americaquiddick

With Saint off scrubbing down the altar at the Conspiracy Headquarters, or whatever, I'll keep beating the drum at least until the Old Gray Lady prints it's first word on the subject. It is still basically a blog story with the exception of the New York Post, The New York Sun and The Washington Times. It is just so deliciously sleazy.

Here is the latest from Powerline:

August 03, 2005
A Deafening Silence on Air
Air America--or Air Scamerica, or Air Enron--is engulfed in scandal.
It now appears clear that the far-left radio network obtained critical funding
by misappropriating money earmarked for poor children and Alzheimer's victims
from the Gloria Wise Boys and Girls Club, a nonprofit organization. For the
latest, read Hugh Hewitt's interview of Michelle Malkin on Hugh's show last
night; Radio Blogger (Hugh's
producer, Duane Patterson) has the transcript.
Hugh and Michelle have both
been delving into the scandal. Hugh has tried to contact members of the Gloria
Wise board of directors; all declined to appear on his show, and one said that
all inquiries are being directed to a Manhattan public relations firm. That's
rather curious--where does a nonprofit that is now defunct, having been fleeced
by Air America, get the money to hire an expensive PR firm so its board members
won't have to answer questions? Michelle's new column, which will be out
tomorrow morning and is available
on the web, sums up the facts known so far and wonders why "leaders"
like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have been silent.
Of course, they're not
the only ones. The New York Times has yet to print a single word about the
scandal; when the Times last covered Air America, it was to promote
Al Franken as a Senate candidate
. Normally, one might expect the Times to be
interested in this kind of story. In today's paper, for example, the Times
covers a much
more boring controversy
in which Westchester County's District Attorney is
being pressed to reimburse the county for the expense of after-hours security.
The story is a yawner. The DA has a legitimate argument that she needs 24-hour
security because of her job; there are no falsified reports or conflicting
stories; no one is stealing money from poor children or Alzheimer's victims; and
no one is funding a controversial political and commercial enterprise. Yet the
Times finds the story newsworthy, while ignoring Air Enron, which is also taking
place in its own back yard. Why? Well, maybe because it's because the
Westchester DA is a Republican, Jeanine Pirro, who is interested in higher
office. Or maybe it's because no hard work--like actually carrying out an
investigation--was necessary; all the Times had to do was quote Democratic Party
Or maybe both.

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