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Friday, July 01, 2005

W and the WOT

As I mentioned here and here, it's a shame that the American people's support for the war in Iraq and the War on Terror is dissipating....

oh, wait...

A CNN/USA Today/Gallup instant-reaction poll shows that President Bush apparently persuaded many viewers of his speech Tuesday night to be more optimistic about the war in Iraq. Compared with their responses before the speech, people who tuned in are now more likely to say the United States is winning the Iraq war, that Bush has a clear plan for handling the war, and that the United States should keep troops in Iraq until the situation there gets better. These changes occurred despite the fact that this was not one of Bush's more highly rated addresses since he became president. As has been typical of Bush's speeches, the viewing audience was composed largely of his supporters.

H/T to Captains Quarters Blog (aka CQB which, by the way is also an acronym for "Close Quarters Battle," but I digress).

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