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Saturday, July 16, 2005

Unbelievable Story from Iraq

I assume the ACLU will be suing this guy for offending the sensibilities of the terrorist sniper...This is an amazing story - glad to hear that Pfc Tschiderer wasn't harmed. Huuuaaahhhh

Soldier survives attack; captures, medically treats sniper (Video)

Pfc. Stephen Tschiderer is a native of Mendon, N.Y. —
During a routine patrol in Baghdad June 2, Army Pfc. Stephen Tschiderer, a medic, was shot in the chest by an enemy sniper, hiding in a van just 75 yards away. The incident was filmed by the insurgents.

Tschiderer, with E Troop, 101st “Saber” Cavalry Division, attached to 3rd Battalion, 156th Infantry Regiment, 256th Brigade Combat Team, 3rd Infantry Division, was knocked to the ground from the impact, but he popped right back up, took cover and located the enemy’s position.

After tracking down the now-wounded sniper with a team from B Company, 4th Battalion, 1st Iraqi Army Brigade, Tschiderer secured the terrorist with a pair of handcuffs and gave medical aid to the terrorist who’d tried to kill him just minutes before.

See the video of the attack

Read the account of the incident from the 256th Brigade Combat Team.

I just love how these bastards in the video are saying "allahu ahkbar" after they shoot a soldier. Psychos... Yeah, we need to "understand and empathize" with them a little more.


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