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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Signs that you're in trouble

First, your organization loses a key portion of its membership.
Second, liberals that recognize that they've relied on your support for decades react to the news with the following:

Union Disunion

(man, this must be my day to be centrist boy)

So apparently there’s a crackup in progress at the AFL-CIO. As a Democrat, I’m supposed to be concerned about this. Union households vote heavily Democratic, and they’re seen as one of the traditional pillars of the DNC. But I seriously question the relevancy of the unions, as currently structured, to our national workforce. I have never had union membership, but from the outside looking in it often appears that while they once strongly advocated for the rights of workers pertaining to what were once luxuries - like the idea of eight hour workdays and “the weekend” - they are nowadays more like a good concept gone bad.

In most other industries, a crack in the monopoly usually leads to benefits for the end users (AT&T for instance), so perhaps instead of a unionized borg, this split will cause the more forward-thinking elements in labor to innovate and get back to basics.

I think while Oliver has difficulty with making this statement (due to his partisan leanings), he is displaying some common sense truths - that unions had their purpose, but a concept borne in the 19th century is probably not as effective 150 years later.

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