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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Rove, Plame, & the Rove-obsessed Left

The Left is so warped that it believes that Rove is the source for Cooper & Miller knowing that Plame was a CIA agent. However, there are a number of reasons why this makes no sense, chief among them being that Rove isn't an idiot. Even if he did mention that Wilson was married to Plame, he wouldn't lie about this fact in front of a grand jury and perjure himself.

But, if you want some speculation regarding the Plame affair, I'm willing to speculate! Wizbang offers that it might've been THE REPORTERS that leaked plames cover to government officials...

Fitzgerald may learn more details from Cooper's notes. Sources close to the investigation say there is evidence in some instances that some reporters may have told government officials -- not the other way around -- that Wilson was married to Plame, a CIA employee.

As has been stated numerous times before, many folks in the cocktail circuit around D.C. knew that Plame was an agent.

Meanwhile, Powerline shoots down a lot of the inaccuracies in the media about the entire story...

and finally my speculation... This man (or someone in his organization) leaked that Plame was in the CIA, probably as part of background as to why Wilson was selected for the mission to Niger.
  1. Wilson attacks administration on yellowcake story
  2. reporters dig in to find out how someone who appears to be a critic of the administration gets such a critical assignment
  3. On background, they describe why he was selected.
Rove had already signed an agreement with Fitzgerald releasing any and all reporters involved from their confidentialiy obligations - months ago. If you're cooper or miller and you know Rove is the guy, do you go to jail to protect him or do you let his head roll and see whether you can be the next Woodward & Bernstein?

And a key point revealed today... Cooper received a phone call from his source telling him that it was okay for him to reveal his name. Cooper already had that authorization from Rove - in writing. Why would a phone call be made by Rove on top of that AND change cooper's position?

Just my $0.02... Much more logical than anything the left has offered. It's either a reverse leak (ie press to government, which would explain why Miller is in jail, but hasn't written a story on the matter) or it's someone in the State Dept that organized the trip to Niger.

BTW, if you want to damage a guy who's telling lies about your administration and the facts, you don't "out" his wife. No, you publish his contradictory statements and the evidence - oh, and get the FBI under that evil bastard John Ashcroft to search his library records, tap his cellphone, and photoshop some images of him with hookers (and send them to his wife).


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