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Monday, July 11, 2005

Not Serious about the War On Terror

And the Left wonders why everyone thinks they're soft on terror! Perhaps, just perhaps, it's because of thinking like this (which I've fisked):

How To Stop Terrorism
by John Dear

Like many, I was upset about the horrific terrorist attacks on London on July 7th. I spent a few days in London just this past Christmas. I know my way around the Tube. It gave me flashbacks of my days working at Ground Zero right after the September 11th attacks, and the thousands of grieving people I met in the months afterwards as a Red Cross coordinator of chaplains at the New York Family Assistance Center.

However, I am equally upset by the ongoing U.S. terrorist attacks on Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine and elsewhere. My heart breaks with every report of the hundreds of nameless people who die from our bombs, our weapons, our soldiers.
A Jordanian guy wiring a bomb next to the road is taken out by a predator drone. My brother-in-law serving in Iraq cheers. This guy weeps for the scumbag.
For me, then the question, “How to Stop Terrorism?” is easy. We stop terrorism first of all by stopping our own terrorism! We cannot fight terrorism by becoming terrorists. We cannot end terrorism by using the methods of terrorism to bomb and kill Iraqis, to occupy Iraq, to support the terrorist occupation of the Palestinians, and to hold the world hostage with our nuclear weapons. We must bring the troops home from Iraq, fund nonviolent democratic peacemakers in Iraq, send food and medicine to Iraq, support United Nations’ nonviolent peacemaking solutions, end world hunger immediately, cut all U.S. military aid everywhere, dismantle every one of our nuclear weapons, fund jobs, education and healthcare at home and abroad, clean up the environment and teach nonviolence to everyone around the world, beginning at home in every U.S. classroom.
We should become Switzerland. Oh, wait. Switzerland has a buttload of weapons (an M16 in every home) to keep fools from invading. I'm sure the reverend would be allowed to pray to Jesus after the Islamofascists take over, right before they remove his head with a rusty blade.
As I watch the TV news reporters and commentators, I am amazed at their lack of understanding. Half the world considers the United States the leading terrorist in the world, by our public spokespeople remain clueless about what’s really going on. We are seen as terrorists by many around the world because we bombed and killed 100,000 people in Iraq in 2003, and because we have over 20,000 weapons of mass destruction, (many of them in my neighborhood in New Mexico), which we are willing to use on any nation that does not support “U.S. interests.” Our wars and bombing raids and hostility toward the world’s poor are turning the world against us. We are breeding thousands of new terrorists, desperate poor people who have nothing, whose backs are up against the wall, and who have learned from our total violence to adopt the lunacy of violence, even suicidal violence, to strike back, blow up trains and buses, and spend their lives spreading fear.
100,000 Iraqi dead is seriously disputed. I don't remember the last time we launched a nuclear missile at Canada (or any other country) for not supporting our interests. The "economically disadvantaged jihadist" is a cliche that is incorrect, as most jihadists are well-educated and wealthy people who have visited the west.

Violence in response to violence can only lead to further violence. Jesus taught us that as the soldiers were dragging him away to his death when he said, “Those who live by the sword, will die by the sword.” Gandhi taught us that when he said, “An eye for an eye only makes the whole world blind.”
Indeed... violence against Nazi Germany only brought us return fire from the germany military. But I don't recall the violence from Germans 10 years after World War II... missed that ongoing cycle of violence...

Violence cannot stop violence. We have to break the cycle of violence, renounce violence, start practicing creative active nonviolence on a level that the world has never seen, and reach out and embrace the world’s poor by meeting their every need. Then, we will win over the world, and no one will ever want to hurt a Westerner again. On that new day, we will sow the seeds of love and peace and discover what a world without terrorism, war, poverty, and fear is like.

Oh, they'll have love for you, preacher... they'll whisper sweet nothings to you about Allah as they whip out the blade. Violence does not stop violence is an idiotic cliche. One thing that violence is good at is removing a fascistic ideology. Once violence peeled back the layers of national socialism and fascism, few in the world have sought to return to that system.
I remember with sadness meeting thousands of Iraqis in 1999 when I led a group of Nobel Peace Prize winners to Baghdad. We asked everyone the simple question, “What do you want us to do?” Everyone we met, from the Papal Nuncio to the Muslim Iman to the non-governmental organization leaders (including the late, great Margaret Hassan) to hundreds of high school children to the hundreds of mothers holding their dying children, said: “Don’t kill us!” That sounds so obvious, but they said it with tears. If you want to help us, don’t kill us! If you want us to live in peace, don’t kill us! If you want us to be friends with you, don’t kill us! If you want Iraq to create a new democracy, don’t kill us! Send us food and medicine instead, and fund nonviolent, democratic movements for peace. Then, we will live in peace with you.
"I was just amazed at how open and honest these folks were with us, despite the pistols that were held at their backs." Either you are naive or simply evil. I'm sure that you'll get similar sentiments from the inhabitants of North Korea... they just love, love, love their dear leader. They love him so much that they're willing to live on boiled grass and die from starvation and send their young girls to service him... Just ask them... they'll agree (just as long as they're in North Korea and your "tour guide" is standing next to you).

I reject violence and espouse only nonviolence, but I know that most Americans support, even relish violence, anything for “God and country,” they say. If people really believe in violence and justified warfare, then why should they be upset when individuals, or hundreds, or thousands, or maybe someday millions of people turn against the United States, England, or other first world nations in acts of terrorism? What do they expect when we have shown only hostility to the world’s poor, when we have practiced genocide against people in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Darfur, Haiti, and elsewhere? Why are people who espouse violence--including most Americans, most TV commentators, most government officials, even most church people--so upset about these terrorist attacks, when they themselves support terrorism upon sisters and brothers elsewhere on the planet?

I do not understand our love of violence. If you want other people to be nonviolent, you first have to be nonviolent. If you want to remove the speck from someone else’s eye, you have to remove the two by four from your own head. If you want other nations to hold you in high regard, you first have to hold other nations in high regard, and treat every human being on the planet as a sister and brother. As someone once said, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” That is the answer to the nightmare of terrorism.

United States, Australia, India, North Korea, Iran, Sudan - no differences between them. We should hold them all in high regard and they'll turn the corner! how easy! what a fool! It certainly worked well with Hitler. We held him in high regard in 1938. That sure turned out well!
On August 6th, thousands of us across the country will remember that the United States vaporized 140,000 innocent, ordinary people sixty years ago in Hiroshima, Japan, in the ultimate terrorist attack. That morning, hundreds of us will converge on Los Alamos, New Mexico, the birthplace of the bomb, and citing the book of Jonah, we will put on sackcloth and ashes, repent for the sin of war and nuclear weapons, and beg the God of peace for the disarmament of the world. That afternoon, I will fly to Las Vegas, to join over five hundred people of faith in a three day interfaith peace conference, where I will speak and then we will drive out to the Nevada Test Site, where hundreds of us will commit civil disobedience by walking onto the Test Site and getting arrested in a peaceful demand that they close this U.S. nuclear terrorist training camp. I hope everyone everywhere will stand up in protest against nuclear terrorism on August 6th.
Surely you're joking. From a morality standpoint, which would've been better. The demonstration of the destructive power of our new weapon by targeting a fishing village? Or continued firebombing of Tokyo, invasion of Japan with losses of US soldiers in the MILLIONS and unspeakable death & destruction for the Japanese people? Oh, I supposed your philosophy wouldn't have considered either option. Meanwhile, all of Asia Pacific would be a vast slave labor colonies for Japan's natural resources requirements. your assumption that if we played nice in 1940, the Japanese wouldn't overrun the entire Pacific is juvenile.
How do we stop terrorism? Renounce every trace of violence in your heart and your life. Adopt the wisdom and practice of active nonviolence, as Gandhi and Dr. King taught. Beg the God of peace for the gift of peace. Join your local peace and justice group. Stand up publicly for an end to war. Let your life be disrupted, and take a new, nonviolent risk for disarmament. Create new cells of active nonviolence. Embrace the religious roots of nonviolence. Study and teach the wisdom of nonviolence. Resist your local military and government violence. Stop business as usual, government as usual, media as usual, war as usual and demand peace, justice, and disarmament for the whole world, now. Announce the vision of a new nonviolent world, a disarmed world, a world without war, poverty, injustice or nuclear weapons. Explain how such a world is possible if we give our lives for it, demand it, insist on it, work for it, and begin to live it.

Kumbaya, my Lord.... Kumbaya...

I'd like to buy the world a Coke...

It seems that the reverend does not recognize that there IS evil on this planet. That the Left embraces and promotes such folly demonstrates their inability to govern in a serious way. (It seems that some other leaders in the Democratic Party have similar thinking to Rev Dear.) Fortunately for the Reverend, he's not met an Al-Qaeda terrorist face to face. I wonder if he would change his tune as he sits in front of the masked thugs in an orange jumpsuit while they chant out Allahu Akbar. Would he plead for his life? Or smile as they cut his throat, knowing that his death didn't involve any violence (on his part).

Your Co-Conspirator,
ARC: St Wendeler