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Friday, July 01, 2005


Interesting retrospective from the Neo-neocon, discussing her opinions of Reagan (now our greatest American?!)

Here's the closer:

Was I enthusiastic about Mondale or Dukakis? Who could be? Perhaps their wives; certainly not me! But, lukewarm though I might be about their inspirational qualities, they were the Democratic candidates, I was a Democrat, and I thought they would be better than Reagan and then Bush senior. Did I think deeply about it? No, for the aforementioned reasons. If you had suggested to me at the time that I might have, or should have, voted for the Republican candidates, I would have thought you were stark raving mad.

So, perhaps I was already somewhat of a neocon after all, and didn't know it: socially and domestically liberal, more hawkish in the foreign arena. I'd never even heard the term "neocon" at the time, although I did know there were "Reagan Democrats." But I was not one of them.

I think I am an example of the strength of party affiliation. Most people need a much greater jolt than I received during the 80s, and much more time and energy to reflect on the situation than I was able to give to it, to actually abandon their party affiliation, if it had been strong previously. And mine had been very strong indeed.

9/11 provided that much much greater jolt and motivation. I also had more time and more energy, as well as (and this is especially important) new and different sources of information that were easily accessibile to me.

But that's the story I will tell in subsequent installments of my "change" series. Please tune in.

And I think this explains much of what has happened in the past decade. more diverse sources of information and opinion, more interconnectivity (ie a guy in the midwest blogging on what a gal in New York thinks, etc), and a realization that the conventional wisdom about the GOP just isn't 100% accurate. (BTW, I find that's true of about almost any topic or issue. If you want to lose a ton of cash in the stock market, place your bets with the conventional wisdom crowd.)

This blog is very interesting... She provides an interesting perspective on the issues. As you can tell from her description, she's certainly has a story to tell:
I'm a woman in my fifties, lifelong Democrat mugged by reality on 9/11. Born in New York, living in New England, surrounded by liberals on all sides, I've found myself leaving the fold and becoming that dread thing: a neocon. My friends and family are becoming sick of what they see as my inexplicable conversion, so I've started this blog to give vent to my frustration. I have a background as a therapist, and my politics make me a pariah in my profession, too. Little did I know that I moved in such politically homogeneous circles.

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