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Friday, July 29, 2005

The Isolationist Democratic Party, Part II

And on cue, the DUers prove my point.

CAFTA Vote May Leave Long Paper Trail for Critics
By Warren Vieth, Times Staff Writer

....The late bargaining for votes in support of CAFTA infuriated critics of the trade agreement, who Thursday said they considered the deal-making unseemly.

"Right there in front of us, for the world to see, they were twisting arms, making deals, changing votes," said House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif. "This let's-make-a-deal mentality ... has got to stop."

As lawmakers returned to work Thursday following a lengthy CAFTA debate and roll call that had kept them up past midnight, there were hints of recriminations and retribution....

The agreement became a lightning rod for discontent about globalization, China's trade and currency policies and U.S. job losses. Heading into Wednesday's House showdown, it appeared Bush might become the first president in more than 40 years to suffer the loss of a major trade agreement in Congress.

For more than an hour, lawmakers milled about the House floor and gazed at the electronic scoreboard displaying the vote tally, which showed CAFTA several votes short of the mark. Finally, when the count reached the slim majority of 217-215, the vote was gaveled to a close....

It's amazing how they view the democratic process... and it sounds like Pelosi has got some problems, if she doesn't know what the heck her Whip is supposed to do. In the comments that follow the DU post, there isn't a single pro-CAFTA DUer...

With the loss of the political strength of the AFL-CIO (which takes union members dues and spends it on political campaigns that the dues-paying members may be against), the Democratic party is becoming a melange of eco-whackjobs, marxists and stalinists, super-wealthy elites on the coasts, and shakedown artists.

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