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Saturday, July 02, 2005

Chavez in Trouble

Uh-Oh... It looks like the Left's favorite politician in the western hemisphere is running into some problems. It seems that he doesn't exactly enjoy popular support.

Now, I am getting word from a journalist in Venezuela that 2000 students are marching against Chavez in a rapidly swelling crowd in Caracas. Chavez isn’t going to be able to control this. And it comes against a summer backdrop of a big Youth Festival Chavez is hosting in August.

This revolution may be getting started again.

Update: The crowd has swelled to 5000.

Update: The crowd has swelled to 10,000 and Chavez has sent out low-flying military aircraft to intimidate the crowd.

Update: Globovision has the first news story and picture of this fast-growing demonstration here.

Update: The passion of the crowd is getting intense - it’s not just about extrajudicial killings but now becoming an anti-Chavez rally. The crowds are chanting: Y cual, y cual, y cual democracia, se allana, tortura y dan tiros de gracia!

I'm sure this is some sort of covert, psychological operation by the bushistas....

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