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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Charlie Rose - July 19th, 2005

I caught Charlie Rose's show last night and he discussed the nomination with panelists, but also interviewed Larry Kramer. typically watch it a couple of nights a week for two reasons:

  1. I like the in-depth interviews
  2. It's funny to see the New York/DC Cocktail Circuit mentality broadcast into my living room

Anyway, the nomination discussion was interesting because it included Ralph Neas and Larry Tribe. You could tell by their reaction that the Left is going to go to the mat on this one. I have no doubt that Neas will get to Shumer et al and a filibuster is in the works.

The second segment was an interview with Larry Kramer, a gay political activist who recently had a liver transplant. I've seen him interviewed on the program before and the one thing that I take away from any interview with him is that he's a bitter, pessimistic man. Obviously, I don't know the man personally, but he has the most negative view of everything... Bush pushes for billions to treat AIDS in Africa, he sees it as a farce since as part of the funding, the countries must educate their population about condom use, monogamy, AND abstinence. (It's the latter that Kramer objects to.) And Kramer gives Bush zero credit for the initiative, despite the fact that no previous president has made this significant of a committment to the problem.

He actually said that Karl Rove and the cabal that is running Washington IS ACTUALLY COMMITTED TO ELIMINATING GAYS FROM THE PLANET. And Charlie Rose just sat there and smiled. He pressed Larry if he really believed that and he repeated it - saying that if they were unwilling to nationalize the drug companies and force them to produce AIDS drugs, they are in effect out to kill him.

The sad thing is that Charlie's attempt to give him a chance to clarify his position is probably the strongest rebuke that has ever been leveled against Mr. Kramer. And when he repeated the assertion, Charlie just gave him an understanding nod... And Kramer continually referenced Bill Moyers as his source for the "washington cabal" line, so I'm probably not out of line to say that his views are conventional wisdom on the left.

And Larry claims that gays are hated around the country, yet there's an initiative at one of our most prestigious universities that's named after him. Hey, that's Bush's alma mater!!!

I hope and pray that Mr. Kramer's health improves... and that he starts to look at the facts with a more rational mind.

Your Co-Conspirator,
ARC: St Wendeler