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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Blasts in London

It looks like this attempt was much less successful than that of 7/7. Apparently, there's a suspect that is still on the loose and being hunted by the London police. Interestingly, all of the video I've seen of those detained on the street for questioning appear to be young, Arabic males... not a single granny in a wheelchair or a 4 year old in the bunch. Hmmmm.... Is this racial profiling?!?!?! they should be ashamed.

London blasts cause chaos on Tube
A number of Tube stations have been evacuated and lines closed after minor blasts in what Met Police chief Sir Ian Blair says is a "serious incident".

Sir Ian appealed to Londoners to stay where they were and said the transport system was effectively being shut down.

The minor explosions - just two weeks after blasts killed 56 - involved detonators only, a BBC reporter said.

In addition, a blast was reported on the top deck of a Number 26 bus in Hackney Road in Bethnal Green.

There were no injuries and the bus suffered no structural damage.

Eyewitnesses heard bangs and saw abandoned rucksacks at the sites of the incidents at Warren Street, Shepherd's Bush Hammersmith and City line and Oval tube stations as well as the number 26 bus.

At Warren Street and Oval a man was seen running away from the scene.

Michelle Malkin & the guys at Wizbang are covering...
The questions posed to Blair & John Howard (Australia) show how anti-WOT the British press is... and how much they are willing to overlook facts and reason. One question that set off John Howard was:
"Aren't your policies to blame for this attack?"

Howard totally shot down this idiot by explaining that the Bali bombing that was the largest attack experienced by Australia preced the invasion of Iraq. Bully to you, John!

Blair is now getting pissed at how ridiculous his press corp is...

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