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Thursday, July 14, 2005

The Beeb and the "T" word

Well, it's a little surprising that a government-owned news organization would remove words from a statement made by their ostensible boss... And why don't they use the word terrorist? Because, you know... the US, the UK, and Israel are all terrorists nations in the eyes of the Beeb.

Within hours of the explosions, a memo was sent to senior editors on the main BBC news programmes from Helen Boaden, head of news. While she was aware "we are dancing on the head of a pin", the BBC was very worried about offending its World Service audience, she said.

BBC output was not to describe the killers of more than 50 in London as "terrorists" although - nonsensically - they could refer to the bombings as "terror attacks". And while the guidelines generously concede that non-BBC should be allowed to use the "t" word, BBC online was not even content with that and excised it from its report of Tony Blair's statement to the Commons.

Instead of using the "t" word, they've employed the apparently more acceptable "bomber." Somehow this is seen by the Beeb as being more acceptable to the sensibilities of its World Service consumers. I suppose it does have a connotation wth some valid military action, instead of cowardly killing unarmed and innocent women and children.

I wonder what the Beeb's policy towards IRA terrorists was... Did they use the "t" word?

Hmmm, it looks like they have no problem with the word when it's the IRA
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