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Friday, July 29, 2005


Apparently, the GOP's anti-BDSM policy (whatever BDSM means) has given the DUers the right to call out a candidate's campaign manager.... BECAUSE OF THE HYPOCRISY (although I must admit that I didn't see the anti-BDSM plank in the 2004 platform).

No word as to whether he's married and looking to cheat on his wife (which is deplorable) or just a bachelor with some...errr... interesting issues (which is sad, but none of my business), or someone who is harassing employees working for him (which is a crime unless you have the right positions on "women's issues" (ie have a "d" after your name)). From the blogger digging into this:

It's time to get scrunchy, get in the dirt and spread it around and play as dirty as they do. They can run on the issues if they choose. But if they don't, we don't have to either.

BTW, does a "family values" position have any bearing on... ummm... preferences in the bedroom? I don't believe so... It's more related to promoting the concept of the family as the organizing unit within our society. I'm sure there are plenty of conservatives that do pretty whacky stuff in private.

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