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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Are you going.... to... San Fraaaaancisco?

Montery John - This is your neck of the woods... Please explain
NSFW (Not Safe For Work) and NSFHE (Not Safe for Human Eyes)

Tip 'O the Hat to Michelle Malkin

My favorite observation?

The march continued up Telegraph. Unfortunately, aside from a few people coming over to snap pictures, no one seemed too "freaked out" at our arrival. Berkeley's social scene is an ever-escalating arms race between narcissistic showoffs trying to seize attention through outrageous behavior and smug cosmopolitan sophisticates who take pride in their blasé insouciance about everything. Who will win this battle?

Oh, and this theme song... how inspiring!

BTW, these folks do have a point... What Iran really needs is more breasts, less bombs. I vote that we send these courageous and naked Americans to Tehran to lead this effort. (We could host a pool on how long they'd survive after their plane touched down.)

I've got to go scrub my eyes with sandpaper.

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