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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Another Liberal/Progressive of the Democratic Party

Apparently, even the CPUSA has political conventions. (you know, someone should tell them that elections are every 4 years and the next one is in 2008 - oh, that's right, they don't really like elections because it's some construct of the bourgeois construct and they prefer revolution).

Anyway, why is it that everytime I read something from this site, I have visions of Dean?

Press Release
July 1, 2005

Contact: Libero Della Piana,
(cell) 917-710-1814, (email)

Communist Party National Convention Opens Today
Chairman Webb Says “Socialism is Necessary and

(Chicago)— The 28th National Convention of the Communist Party, USA was convened here this morning. Nearly 500 delegates and guests crowded into the main
hall at the historic Palmer House Hotel to hear the opening remarks by Party Chairman Sam Webb.

Webb noted that the convention is being held on Independence Day Weekend, a holiday where millions of Americans celebrate the revolution that gave birth to the United States. “Revolutions are never complete,” said Webb. He argued that the Communist Party seeks a new revolution that will fulfill the democratic promise and ideals of the American Revolution.

Webb said that President George W. Bush and his extreme rightwing policies are a threat to the democratic traditions of the United States. “Not since the Great Depression of the 1930s has the working class experienced such an assault on its living standards, rights, and conditions of work,” said Webb. “While Bush won by a sliver, he was denied a popular mandate for his reactionary policies.”

“We communists feel very strongly about Social Security, a program whose roots we helped plant in the fight for workers’ rights and lives,” said Webb. “We say to the right-wingers: Hands off Social Security!” From tax breaks for the wealthy, to attacks on affirmative action, to the war in Iraq, the Bush administration is hostile to the needs of working Americans, Webb argued.

Racism is alive and well in U.S. life, said Webb. Discrimination, social and economic inequality, and racial profiling are persistent across the country. Once again he targeted Bush administration policies: “On the strength of his record, Bush is a racist president. Scratch George Bush and you will find the ghost of Strom Thurmond.” Strom Thurmond was the notorious segregationist US Senator from South Carolina.

Webb reminded the assembly of the Communist Party’s long history of struggle against racism and all oppression. “We are resolute fighters for racial and gender equity and against racism and male supremacy. We defend gay and lesbian rights and oppose homophobia. We are convinced that socialism is both necessary and possible.”

The convention will conclude on Sunday after electing a new National Committee.

Transcript of Sam Webb’s speech is available from the Communist Party web page,

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