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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Al Qaeda - Sick, twisted cowards

No country that believes in human rights and liberty is immune from Al Qaeda. Until the entire world is under the fist of Al Qaeda and the oppression of Sharia and the burqa, we will continue to see attacks such as this.

Let's all hope that the amount of destruction is limited... but I fear that the number killed & injured will be significantly higher than original estimates. Everyone should pray for the families that were unimaginably changed because of today's events.

Meanwhile, this DUer says: Hey, Rove won't get away with the Plame leak because of this!

And these DUers see an opportunity to criticize Bush's extemporaneous remarks...

And these DUers blame Bush

***UPDATE 2***
These Kossacks compare this attack to the "illegal" invasion of Iraq. One Kossack objects to the assertion... the rest think it's fitting.

And this Kossack's solution to the problem of terrorists? Instead of spending money for our troops in Iraq, give more money to Africa.

G8 concert was an effort to end suffering in Africa. If USA had spent the 300 billion plus from Iraq and spent it on any other worthy cause- say Africa- I think the world would be more peaceful and free of these awful terrorists. We need to be better than the terrorists morally, not decend to their level.

***UPDATE 3***
Text of statements given by Blair & Bush .

***UPDATE 4***
This DUers solution to the problem? Let loose the dogs of... police (instead of those nasty military types). In an email sent to the British embassy (it starts out well enough, but seems to be lacking towards the end):
My heart and prayers go out to the people of London and Great Britain during this tragic time. This is a tragedy for all the world. Your country is far more prepared than we to cope with the destruction and horror of these attacks, and I am confident the British people will triumph. I'm sure the perpetrators of this horrible crime will be pursued, caught and prosecuted, and it will be done through the good old fashioned intelligence and police work for which the British are justifiably famous.

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