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Monday, June 13, 2005

Wacko Jacko

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OK, so Michael Jackson is "not guilty" on every single count... poor prosecution in my opinion, especially given the juries and cult of celebrity that is California. But, there are TWO extremely important questions that are not being asked right now:

  1. WHO IN THE HELL ARE THESE PEOPLE CHEERING FOR JACKO RIGHT NOW?!?! SURELY THEY DON'T LIKE HIS MUSIC? (I like old school Jackson, but anything in the last 20 years has been pure cr@p)
  2. Now that Jacko is "not guilty," would any parent feel comfortable letting their kid stay over at Neverland?
I hope the answer to the last question is an emphatic "No!" If you let your kid hang out with Jacko, you children should be taken away from you for negligence. I would hope that Jackson's world from now on does not involve children at Neverland (other than his own and I sure feel sorry for those kids).

I'm at a losfer words.... stunning. I can't believe there are people crying out for joy that he wasn't convicted of a single count. It's like I'm in Downer's bizarro world.


IF Michael Jackson was an ordained priest, would he have received the same verdict?

Discuss amongst yourselves - I'm verklempt...

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***UPDATE 2***
DUers see this as a victory over the corporate media and characterize the trial as a witchhunt. When someone says, hey... we shouldn't rejoice when a pedophile is found not guilty, they slam them. I'm sure they'll defend NAMBLA members next. Oh, and see this post where they're hoping that Jacko's acquittal will free up time for MSM to cover the Downing Street Memo. Does every topic have a "how can this help us take down bush" twist?

(Sure, they couldn't convict him... but anyone who doubts that he's a pedophile is nuts. See Jury Selection skit by Dave Chappelle (where he talks about Jackson being innocent b/c he's black, etc... then the prosecutor asks if he'd let his kids stay the night at Neverland. Chapelle's response? "#$%# NO!!!")

***UPDATE 3***
Scared Monkeys weighs in
Because its completely normal to have little boys admittedly sleep in your bed.

Does it really seem appropriate to cheer a man or whatever who admits to sleeping with boys?

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