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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

The Times - They Are a Changin

H/T PubliusPundit

It seems that even in Iran women have decided that they who are tired of being oppressed. Only prob is the MSM's collective response to this story: *yawn*

The images that you see in these pages were taken by some of the members of Women's Cultural Center, which called for a protest (see the call for protest) against constitutionally-sanctioned discriminations against women outside the main gate of Tehran University. The peaceful protest first started when a dozen women from WCC dismounted a bus on a street across from the University. They then crossed Enqelab St and sat in front of the gate.

The police were present and at first prevented both men and women from joining the protest. Eventually, however, more women joined the group and formed a large crowd. Poet {Simin Behbahani} was the first to read a poem she had written especially for the occasion, followed by some of the organizers who read the protest declaration. Some of the slogans of this protest were as follows:

"Unequal laws, Inhuman rights, must be challenged"
"We are women, citizens of this city, but we have no rights"
"Anti-women laws are at the root of despotism Legal justice is our minimum requirement"

The protest ended peacefully (no doubt because of the impending election) at 6 pm.


By the way, did you notice that the most of the women were beyond University age? It's no longer a student movement in Iran.

Duers react: *crickets chirping*
Duers thoughts: "Damn you, Chimpy-Bush-McHitler! (apologies to ProteinWisdom)How dare you try to change the Middle East!!! These women should have burqas ON!!! How dare you impose the Western objectification of women on these Muslims!!!"

It's good to see that the protests are starting to attract a larger portion of the Iranian population.

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